Regents Pizzeria

Regents Pizzeria is locally loved and nationally known for offering the best of both worlds — New York-style and Chicago deep-dish pizza. Their proposed solution to the long-running debate is, “one of each, please.” Having served San Diego delicious pies for over a decade, Regents prides itself on fostering a vibrant atmosphere and fun-loving customer experience.


Regents sought to reach a wider audience through its social media presence that highlighted their unique food and beer offerings, maintained and built strong customer relations, and emulated the same exuberant atmosphere that guests experience with each visit.

The competitive landscape on social made it difficult for the restaurant to set themselves apart and capture audience’s attention. They needed a creative and strategic partner to lead their online presence and take their content to the next level.

Data Forward

Anchoring our approach to data, we expanded and strengthened a loyal following by creating content based on performance metrics.

Trend Watching

As followers consistently engaged most with comedic copy and entertaining memes, we constantly monitored trends to find opportune moments to ride a relevant wave and produce “viral” content.

Our social channels are now having a direct impact on revenue. We have weeks that traditionally weren't the strongest of the year, performing in ways we have never seen before!

Bill Vivian, Owner of Regents Pizza, Regents Pizza

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