Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Upon returning from a trip to Baja, Ralph Rubio sought to share his love of fish tacos with his hometown in Mission Bay, San Diego. Rubio’s started as a walk-up taco stand and has since expanded to include nearly 160 restaurants across three states.


With the goal of increasing brand awareness, Mari+Gold was tasked with maintaining a fun and approachable social media presence that educated followers on Rubio’s offerings.

Rubio’s was looking for ways to toe the line between relevance and authenticity. They wanted to hop on trends while also telling their story and establishing an identifiable social presence.

Our team crafted clear objectives, defined new audiences, and honed in on Rubio’s brand personality online. Content themes were created to educate, entertain, and foster brand relatability amongst target audiences.

An Identifiable Presence

Our production team conducted quarterly lifestyle photoshoots to keep paid and organic assets fresh, our grid cohesive, and on-brand. In addition, our social team organized regular shoots to capture trending and behind-the-scenes content.

An Engaged Online Community

We strengthened old relationships and fostered new ones by crafting thoughtful and witty responses to approximately 250 messages per month. In addition, we updated Stories regularly with interactive content to encourage engagement and a flowing library of user-generated assets.


Case Studies

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