Our Team

Everything Mari + Gold does is guided by a people-first mentality and a sincere love of marketing. Our team is passionate and experienced in the hospitality, tourism, and lifestyle industries. We are a collective of like-minded individuals that live to make it better.

With a foundation on the West Coast, we are a 100% remote agency and our team is ready to support you in any time zone.

Stylized map of the united states to show where team members are located

San Diego, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Phoenix, AZ

Maui, HI

Salt Lake City, UT

Austin, TX

Meet Our Team

Carrie Jones

Co-Founder + CEO

Nicole Bushnell

President of Mari + Gold

Kelsey Buller

Director of PR

Lauren Eschborn

Art Director

Mark Fenske

Web Development Supervisor

Rachael Bellus

Social Media Supervisor

Grace Carr

Manager of HR Operations

Kim White

Senior PR Manager

Jose Chavez

Senior Designer

Zachary Naughton-Boggs

Senior Social Media Manager

Alan Jacobson

Senior UX Designer

Nicolette Roberts

Senior Brand Manager

Lizette Ortiz

Brand Manager

Abby Vinas

Social Media Manager

Sam White


Megan Davis

Web Project Manager

Tiffany Luu

Content Creator

Saul Pulido

IT Manager

Our Name

Mari + Gold is pronounced: Mar-Ee and Gold

Our name, Mari + Gold, represents all things that are joyous, fun, and sophisticated about the hospitality, tourism, and lifestyle industries.

“Mari” is “sea” in Latin, and gold invokes feelings of the sun, warmth, happiness, and power. Combining these feelings with that of the sea, we feel that Mari + Gold pays tribute to our San Diego roots - invoking that vacation feeling, where it’s always 72 and sunny with a good time to be had.

Our Name