Crack Shack

The Crack Shack has reimagined everybody’s favorite animal that crossed the road with Southern California fried chicken and egg fare in the sunny so-cal spirit of inspired cuisine, spacious ambiance, lawn games and craft drinks for any occasion.


Our office is based in Little Italy, so naturally we were huge fans of The Crack Shack and frequent guests!

We partnered with them to refine their brand messaging, build an amazing new website, create fun packaging and set them up for future growth as they expand locations.

The Crack Shack may be serving fried chicken, but they really care about the quality of the ingredients and the taste of the food.

We needed to keep the attitude that everyone loved, while infusing the proper way to tell the full scope of their story and values.

Check out the final product and then go get yourself some chicken!

Mari + Gold took us to a whole new level - we're excited about our future growth and locations and how the work Mari + Gold does will support it.


When we decided it was time to grow and redefine our brand, Mari + Gold made it happen with our completely redesigned website, menus and paper goods, verbiage and overall positioning. Their expertise, communication and timeliness has led to an amazing working relationship and helped us reach new levels of success - plus they are super fun to spend time with.


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